AboutGibbens Group

The Gibbens Group is an established commercial development company and market leader in their field, having completed numerous large scale property developments on the Central Coast and Newcastle/Lake Macquarie areas.

Identifying Market Trends
The Central Coast has followed recent market trends in Sydney where business park locations have become not only a trend, but necessary in order to service a number of locations within the region. Over the past decade, the same can be said for the Central Coast and Lake Macquarie regions, having experienced substantial growth and numerous commercial development opportunities.

Since commencement, Gibbens Group developers have recognised opportunities for business parks that benefit the community. Due to demand and industry experience in construction and development, the Gibbens Group was formed.

Our Success
Today Gibbens Group is a market leader, with our success being largely attributed to our industry experience, expertise and project management of large scale commercial operations. While equally identifying market trends and meeting stakeholder expectations. Stakeholders include commercial markets (investors), community and government agencies.

With each project delivered, safety standards and work practices are paramount, as are expectations in terms of deadlines and budget being met, if not exceeded.

Design and innovation
With each new development, Gibbens Group continually strive to introduce the latest technology and innovation. Our commitment to innovative design is demonstrated by being nominated for some of the most prestigious awards in the industry; including 1st place in Commercial Architecture Award, 2015.

Each new development is assessed thoroughly, with all stakeholders best interest and priorities being a major consideration. We work on location, design concepts and innovative ways to produce quality results. This includes overcoming obstacles throughout the design and construction process.

Work Ethic & Workplace Safety
We pride ourselves on the integrity and safety standards with all work undertaken and delivered. Meeting safety standards are paramount in this industry. Regardless of deadlines and all other specifications, safety is never compromised. Our workforce and contractors are highly regarded hence why they have such a dedicated team.

Our Vision and commitment
Gibbens Group are committed to environmental and social responsibility; along with work, health and safety standards, at the same time combining design trends with commercial needs.

Consumer and market trends are identified prior to each development, with each development phase aligned to produce outcomes that exceed stakeholder expectations, including deadlines and budget. For this reason alone, local developers that work alongside the Gibbens Group continue to invest in future development projects.

We provide a collaborative approach in the community. Communicating with all stakeholders has always been key to achieving highly successful results.

Matthew Gibbens (CEO / Director)

Matthew Gibbens oversees all company operations and all aspects of the business, including the development and implementation of the company’s strategic plans and successful delivery of all projects.

Matthew’s hands-on approach ensures he is involved in all aspects of its operations. He contributes a wealth of industry experience from negotiating lease and sales contracts with government agencies, national retailers, liaising with statutory authorities for project approvals, site acquisitions, site development and project management.

Through Matthew’s leadership, Gibbens Group has become a leading provider of development services on the Central Coast, building strong relationships with major organisations and repeat business. He is actively involved in all of Gibbens Group projects focusing on the Central Coast.

Matthew is suitably qualified in Engineering and Property Development Feasibility and Management, and is an Employment and Economic Development Committee advisor to Central Coast Council.